Intermediate Class  

(Pre-requisite; - Introduction Class

In Studio         -  $ 120.00 plus GST  =  $ 126.00

Out of Town  -  $ 135.00 plus GST  = $ 141.75


  • One roll of aluminum foil
  • Piece of any natural fabric about 12"x 12"

For work shop schedules see the bottom of this page.

Advanced Class

(Pre-requisite: - Intermediate Class

In Studio         - $ 160.00 plus GST  = $ 168.00

Out of Town  - $ 175.00 plus GST  = $ 183.75


  • One 100% white cotton single sheet
  • One large roll of aluminum foil

Garden Beauty

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 Paverpol is a non-toxic  water based product 100% safe for humans, animals and the environment.  It has received the AP safety label from the ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute). 

 We use Paverpol to make the working medium rock-hard, such as textiles, paper, cotton and numerous other natural materials, which it easily adheres to.  It is also; - sustainable, user friendly and is available in various colours.

3 ft Tall Lady


Introduction Class   - No pre-requisite.   

In studio            -   $ 100.00 plus GST  = $105.00

​Out of TownT     -   $ 120.00 plus GST  = $126.00


  • One white 100% cotton t-shirt
  • One roll of aluminum foil


 3' lady

I will be instructing a workshop on October 20th  for the students who have the pre-requisites.  Please see below for the cost of this workshop and materials to bring. The workshop begins at 9:00 am and should be completed by 5:00 pm. Please bring a lunch and drinks.

On December 1 and December 8, 2018 I will be attending the Artisan Christmas Market at De Herdt Gardens in Barrhead Alberta.  Hope to see you there.  Sign up sheet will be available for classes.

To be inspired is wonderful - to inspire is an honour

Twist and Wrap Studio​

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I am always amazed by the imagination of my students, they always inspire me to think out of the box.

1' Tall Figure

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